Why Rogge’s Chiropractic and Energy Lab?

Dr. Rogge continues to offer excellent treatment for spinal and extremity care in the Bloomington-Normal area, and has been doing so with continued success for over 13 years. Patients may be adjusted manually or with instruments, and active release techniques are performed on muscles for maximum effectiveness. Dr. Rogge takes his job very seriously and will not hesitate to refer a patient out who may have a serious medical illness, even when the only symptom presented is back pain or something as seemingly benign as a headache.

Given the increasing incidence of obesity, along with the growing popularity of cardiovascular sports such as triathlon, Dr. Rogge is excited to present his state of the art Energy Lab, where he may determine the exact amount of calories each individual burns while at rest, and, which percentage of those calories is carbohydrates and which are fat. This powerful tool and its specialized data will assist Dr. Rogge in helping his patients lose unwanted weight.

In addition, the VO2 Max Test will ascertain one's cardiovascular functionality. During the VO2 max test the fats and carbohydrates that are being burned during exertion may be carefully analyzed. Having this information can further assist any athlete's success.


Need AFFORDABLE Spinal Decompression?

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I love the membership package at Rogge Chiropractic.~ Vickie S.
I heartily recommend Rogge Chiropractic… ~ Fred M.

Thank You Dr. Rogge ! ~ Alice R.

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